Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's Sure Not Your Grandfather's Variety Store Anymore

In only a few short thousand years, mankind had has continually refined or reinvented the tools that we all use for daily life. Rather than take everyone on a history lesson that would take hours, I just want to touch on one thing in particular ... the internet. The world wide web blows me away, anything anyone could ever want to research, learn, shop ... it's all here. The other day while blogging along I came across a site, Adfunk Tech Assist that offers tech news and product evaluation. And, it made me think about years ago when you wanted to purchase something, you had to get in the car, drive to the store and look at the product. The only help a consumer could muster was the sales associate ... and of course he'll endorse it, he wants a paycheck. Now one can cruise the internet to find independent opinions and reviews about products they may be interested in buying with no effort at all. E-Blog. is another site that puts forth a vast variety of high tech product comparisons and opinions that is worth checking out. Ah, and to think back on the fact that I was so proud that I could make a Commodore 64 repeat my name ... how far technology has come.


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