Sunday, December 18, 2005

Honestly ...Which Carries A Bigger Ripple Effect?

Today, while watching Frosty the snowman with my four year old nephew, something in the movie caught my eye. No, it wasn't the fact we were watching a naked snowman frolic around the winter countryside with a bunch of children (which some may consider an act of indecentcy), it was the idea that a cartoon character had a pipe in his mouth. Oh my ... imagine the impact on the children viewers. The kids will be lining up at every smoke shop around to get their very own corn cob pipe because Frosty had one. (In other words ... the Joe Camel effect.) What's more amazing is that the same people that insist that these cartoon characters subconsciously lure kids to tobacco, buy their children video games that promote nudity, violence, and a complete disrespect for the law. I guess society is happier with kids having corrupted morals and warped realities rather than bad lungs.


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