Tuesday, December 27, 2005

... Lending A Helping Hand

I live pretty close to monument that carries a quite morbid honor. The PA turnpike has a bridge that towers 180 feet (without sidewalks, only a mere concrete barrier to prevent anything from falling) over a major five lane state highway. And, unfortunately, has been a site that many are attracted to for a self extrication from life. After several years of multiple jumpers throughout the year, the turnpike commission decided that something needed to be done to stop the pattern. So about seven years ago, some yahoo came up with the idea of putting a total of four (two on each side) "crisis phones" that would be self destructors could pickup and be in touch with the county emergency dispatcher. Other than the occasional broke down motorist calling in ... they didn't work. Next, and the newest brainstorm, was to add a 15' high chain link fence that spans the length of the entire bridge to deter flight seekers. After spending millions of dollars on the project to update the bridge, the only advantage I can see ... is for the jumper. As if the 180 feet wasn't enough, the turnpike commission has now made the fall 15 feet higher ... to ensure the job is done right. How thoughtful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know they spent millions of dollars and all the person has to do is climb a little higher or go around it. I was driving by a couple of weeks ago and the phone that is their for a potential suicidal person to call for help was "Out of Order" - seriously. Imagine if that money was funded into programs to prevent suicide and not at the point that someone is going to do it.

January 26, 2006 6:38 PM  

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