Saturday, December 24, 2005

Patriot Act: Nothing More Than Unconstitutional Spying

Although the Patriot Act was more than likely initially designed with homeland security in mind, I cannot help but feel that it's push through congress immediately after September 11 was nothing short of politicians taking advantage of a country that wanted nothing more than revenge. Many Americans were willing to sacrifice a small amount of personal freedoms, in order to be able to strike a blow back to the parties responsible for attacking us. Although I personally had opposed it from the start, I understand the logic many used to endorse it ... but isn't that why we have a CIA, FBI, and NSA? But now that the dust has settled, and public interest has gone elsewhere, (like coping with home heating bills) the Act is about to expire and is currently seeking another approval on the floor of congress. How many real terrorists have we caught from enabling the government to toss aside our personal rights? I watch the national news almost every night, and don't recall any. But, it is comforting to know that when I get bored, all I need to do for entertainment is call someone and say words like; bomb, anthrax, VX, nerve gas, nuke, WMD, hazardous materials, or anything of that sort and know that someone, somewhere, is listening. Try it, we'll be on the same suspect list together. Perhaps, in the name of homeland security, we should also allow unwarranted searches of people's homes ... just because we have a hunch there may be something illegal in there. My point is; Where does it stop? Where do we as citizens draw the line? All this in the name of national safety ... nah, give me a break. Just another chance for the government to get into your life ... that's all. For crying out loud, the Brits have found more terrorists in their country than we have.

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