Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Another Case Of Importance Due To Self Benefit?

I happened to catch a story on the local news today, that again left me questioning people's motives. A local six year old boy needed a liver transplant due to an illness that rendered his to function at minimal levels. The family did everything they could, fund raisers, benefit dinners, you name it. But no donor was ever found, and the boy unfortunately passed away. The news clip I saw had an interview with the mother and grandmother, and both (for obvious reasons) were using the media coverage as a chance to heighten public awareness of the organ donation program, and also stress to viewers that although it's a very difficult decision for families to make ... another family somewhere will be eternally grateful. I was quite sympathetic, until the grandmother piped in about how nobody should ever take their organs to the grave ... they'll just be wasted. Huh ... did I hear that right? Well I got news for you granny ... they are my organs to waste!!! I wonder if grandma is currently enrolled in any organ donation programs? And if so, was organ donation that important to her before her grandchild was born? I'll bet not.


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