Thursday, December 22, 2005

Taking A Bite Out Of Crime?

As I meandered my car around the parking lot of the mall attempting to find or force my way into a space, I was overtaken by an immense amount of flashing blue lights five rows away. So, I just had to go see what was creating such a visual spectacle. It turns out that mall security apparently has a special "Mall Security" (as quoted from the cheap magnetic sign haphazardly slapped onto the door of a old Geo) vehicle to use for patrols of the parking lot. Due to the extreme amount of shopping taking place this time of year, patrolling the parking lots for thieves, carjackers, pickpockets, and whatever else only makes sense. But putting security officers in a vehicle that is brighter than the northern lights, really defeats the purpose of a patrol at all. If the criminals can see where your at ... they'll just wait until you leave. Crooks may be dishonest by nature, but they're by no means stupid ... or blind for that matter.


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