Monday, October 10, 2005

No Question About It, EVERYBODY Is On A "Fixed Income"

With the rising cost of living seemingly escalating everyday, how are the working class of this country going to make ends make in the near future? (Home heating to rise an expected 20%, building materials going up an estimated 15%,) I can only guess that standard food necessities are not far behind. No matter what your walk of life, I'm sure none of us expect to see a 20% raise in our paycheck to compensate. Again, the average hard working American has to absorb the blow. My only question is, how much more can the average family tighten their belts? A dollar can only stretch so far until it rips.


Blogger alyceclover said...

Long time ago when I still believed contacting government officals could help, I wrote about the tiny NJ sales tax increase. Big deal had to spend another 25 cents a week on toilet paper. Not getting a 25 cent a week raise where does the money come from? Not buying something else, which would be the 25 cent newspaper. So if everyone that used that same machine to buy that paper, stopped because it was now needed for taxes, what impact would it have on the vendor? The governor said we had to learn to bite the bullet. As you said...

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