Thursday, February 09, 2006

Who Cares?

How many time have we turned on the t.v. to find yet another celebrity awards program such as the Oscars, Academy Awards, Emmy's, SAG awards ... frankly I lose track, they're all the same to me. What never ceases to amaze me, is that there is always somebody waiting to greet the stars and analyze the ladies' clothing choices. And what's worse, people buzz about the best and worst dressed far longer than about who won what award, I thought the awards were the point of the show ... not expensive evening gowns. And really ... who cares! Who cares that Madonna's dress was cut too high or was hanging too low, and cost $36,539.66? Who cares that some celebrities prefer to dress like hobos? How insulted some must feel after spending years, sometimes decades, as a performer and your viewers can only remember what you were wearing ... not the work you did.


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