Friday, February 10, 2006

"Refuse" To Read

Finally, the people that send us the constant barrage of junk mail via USPS have done us all a favor ... they have taken the time to label their worthless offers and schemes on the exterior of the envelope with "do not discard", "important documents enclosed", and "open immediately dated material". I find a certain humor in the thought that the whole intent of getting the recipient to open the letter by stressing the importance of the contents, is quickly dampened by the pseudo "stamped" slogans clearly printed on the envelope and is promptly tossed in the trash. Thank you Mr. Pseudo Stamp Slogan Guy ... without you, our only defense against fake authentic mail, we would all be inundated with offers too good to be true and free trips to Hawaii. Perhaps in a show of gratitude, Bud Light will do a "Mr. Pseudo Stamp Slogan Guy" tribute to you ... you certainly deserve it.


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