Monday, February 27, 2006

I'll Give You Something To Complain About

Many years ago, I witnessed a car accident that was like no other. I was coming down a four lane state highway when I noticed the traffic signal about 300 feet ahead of me was yellow, so I began to slow down for the red. Well, the guy in front of me wasn't paying close attention and missed the changing signal. So his pickup truck bumped (yes only bumped ... I saw it from 50 feet away) the expensive luxury car in front of him. Initially, I honestly cracked a smile because this roofing contractor was obviously having a bad day, and for once I wasn't the poor sap in such a predicament ... it was someone else's turn. The man got out of his truck, took off his baseball cap, and thoroughly apologized to the lady that he had just rear ended ... but all she cared about was her damaged car. He very politely told her he would be more than happy to pay for all towing and body shop costs and informed her to take the vehicle to any shop she wanted. Again, the lady continued to scream at this guy about her "wrecked car". He told her she was really over-reacting, and with some disgust in his voice, said "Lady, I'll pay for all the damages ... it was my mistake and I'm sorry." And yet still, she preceded to ramble on about her destroyed vehicle. So with that, the guy jumped back into his truck, back up about 50 feet, put the truck in gear, tossed the clutch and ran his truck square into her car again. He got out and said ... and I quote, "There, now your car is wrecked! Now you have something to complain about!" As I navigated my truck around the accident scene the lady yelled to me, "you saw him do it ... you're a witness!" "I didn't see anything." I replied. To this day idolize that man.


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