Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's Right Here In Black Or White?

Ok ... I know I've beaten up on reality television more times than I can remember, but once again I am completely amazed by how far networks are willing to go for ratings. Dancing stars, skating celebrities ... dumb, but harmless. Yesterday, I saw a commercial for a new reality tv show on MSNBC titled Black. White. As if watching people's lives turned upside down on ABC's Wife Swap wasn't enough, now the goal is to have makeup artists (for lack of better terms) "paint" people opposite colors to examine how color plays a role in today's society. Honestly, I really can't see this show doing anything more than flaring up racial tensions. And on second thought, I'm amazed that Al Sharpton and/or Jesse Jackson haven't jumped all over this one yet ... but time will tell. Although I do enjoy a good debate as much as anyone, what ever happened to networks broadcasting shows that were popular because they were good ... not controversial?


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