Thursday, March 02, 2006

Let It Snow

As predicted, we here in the Northeast got hammered by a crippling snow storm that dumped an astounding three inches of snow over a period of twelve hours. Whew ... good thing the local meteorologists spent such a good portion of the newscasts over the last four days preparing us for the expected blizzard. Really, who would have ever thought such a storm would have ever popped in March ... in Pennsylvania? But what I really find amusing, is that these scare tactics employed by local weathermen actually work. The night before an encroaching storm, local grocery stores see a surge in late night customers buying bread, milk, and eggs ... the "French Toasters" as my wife and I call them. Then when the storm does get here, the unlucky few of these panic stricken souls that are forced to venture out into such intolerable and inclement weather, drive down the road at 5 MPH ... yes 5 MPH with their four ways (hazard lights) on causing all other motorists to perform evasive maneuvers just to avoid smashing in to them. If people really are that frightened by Mother Nature ... perhaps moving to where she has a more favorable environment for your tastes would be your best option. That way, the rest of us can go about our lives without interuption and handle problems that really matter.


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