Friday, March 03, 2006

What Would Our Ancestors Think?

Our ancestors came from all over the world bringing traditions, foods, and languages with them that now gives us a unique cultural diversity the sets us apart from any other country. But even though all of our ethnic backgrounds differ, our predecessors shared a common thread; all of them were willing to learn new customs and languages to be able to communicate and survive in this new country. Somewhere between then and now, that sense of pride and allegiance has not only been misplaced ... it's been forgotten about. For example, public safety employees are (in some cases) forced to learn Spanish to facilitate an open line of communication with the Spanish only speaking public. These members of society have no ambition to even attempt to learn English, and for some reason the rest of the country is slowly becoming bilingual to accommodate them ... rather than convince them to learn the language that is indigenous to the United States. Once again, proof positive that the good of the few will always outweigh the good of the many.


Anonymous tothejenthpower said...

I couldn't agree more. In addition, I feel not one whit of guilt about my annoyance with these refuse-to-learn-English speakers ... I moved to a foreign country knowing little of the language. What did I do? I asked that any folks who could speak English not use it around me. I watched television in the foreign language. I listened to the radio. By totally immersing myself into that country's language, I learned the basics within about two weeks, was able to carry on a somwhat coherent conversation within a month, and was completely comfortable with said language within about two months. By the six-month mark, my accent was just about gone - new folks I met just thought I had a southern dialect of the language, and were surprised to learn I was a native English speaker.

I'm not particularly intelligent or capable, and I was able to get the new language down pat surprisingly quickly. I see no reason why anybody else couldn't do the same. Of course, I still used English with my family and friends in the states, and I did tutor local students in English (well, American), but I think the "inability" to adapt is sheer laziness.

March 05, 2006 12:02 PM  

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