Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Life = Death .. No Matter How You Sugarcoat It

In life, bad things happen. There is no way around it, sooner or later everyone is going to be exposed to death and/or destruction ... and sometimes these situations don't play out in the most humane way. But honestly, most of these incidents are nothing more than normal everyday nature doing it's job. But for reason in our culture, many people cannot accept this for what it is, and seek the help of grief counselors. Obviously, tragic losses are not easy to deal with, and in some cases, require professional help. But the whole grief counselor thing is really getting out of control. For example: If a high school student unfortunately passes away, the entire student body is offered (and sometimes required) to meet with a grief counselor to help them process their feelings. C'mon ... really ... 80% of those kids barely even knew the kid who died. Another example: After September 11, child psychologists were pouring into every elementary school to help kids cope with what happened. What ... did the plane crash in their back yard or something? Give me a break ... the only reason why seven year old kids were upset, is because their Saturday morning cartoons weren't on for month.


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