Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'll Take Arrogant Cocky Contestants For $200 Alex

Although the game show Jeopardy isn't among the t.v. shows that are on the hot topic list around the water cooler, back in 2004 Ken Jennings had the entire country glued to their sets every night. Some watched Ken mercilessly blast away his competitors for seventy four consecutive episodes every night because they believed he was invincible, while others tuned in hoping to see his record setting streak come to a grinding halt. Simply put, Ken Jennings was like Michael Bolton ... people either love him or hate him, there is no in between (I happen to be one of those people that solely watched the show to see Ken go down in flames.) Anyway, Ken Jennings' total take home from the show during his reign from June 2 to November 30 was $2,522,700, quite an astonishing performance to say the least. But unfortunately, as do all people with superior intelligence complexes, when show and tell time has ended and your captive audience has left, the owner of the big brain is yet again left to feel under appreciated and misunderstood by all. What would any genius do in a case like this ... put yourself back in the spotlight by any means possible. So millionaire Ken has decided to public trash Jeopardy about their set design, host ... even the viewing audience is not immune from his wrath. Hey Ken ... America watched you on the show not because of your vast knowledge base, but rather as commonplace entertainment. If you're looking for people to pat you on the back about how smart you are ... join Mensa.


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