Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's A Big World Out There

A recent report figures that 64% of American are overweight or obese, and the problem is worsening. In fact, doctors across the country are experiencing more difficulty in correctly diagnosing patients because of their size. I read an article today that claims diagnostic equipment that use x-rays and sound waves in many cases has not been able to penetrate patients that have a high concentration of fat tissue, and worse yet ... excessively large patients will not fit into specialized scanners such as an MRI machine. How embarrassing ... you go for an MRI and need the Fire Department, a MRI field tech mechanic, and three in house maintenance men to get you out. I wonder if a two-ton chain fall or come-a-long are offered as optional equipment when you purchase such a device? Anyway my point is, fat people (with a rare few medical exceptions) have nobody to blame but themselves for their extreme size, put down the quarter pounder and eat sensibly. Why must the rest of the country accommodate these over eaters? Rather than manufacture a super size MRI machine, why not just tell them "Sorry, you can't be scanned until you can safely fit inside the machine."? Here's my prediction; You can bet your life some fatty mcnuggets will be suing an equipment manufacturer because they couldn't be properly diagnosed by their doctor due to the fact they couldn't fit into the machine ... and they'll probably win the lawsuit! What a country.


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