Thursday, July 27, 2006

Oh Baby, You're In Trouble Now

The new cover picture for babytalk magazine featuring a nursing baby at its mother's breast has caused quite a stir across the country. A recent poll shows that when 4,000 readers were asked if they thought the picture was appropriate or inappropriate, one quarter of them voted against it being proper material for the front cover. One mother, who didn't like the cover at all, stated she shredded it so that her thirteen year old son would not see it. aripb"P0-8b ... sorry, I fell of the chair I was laughing so hard. C'mon lady ... if you feel that a nursing baby is something that a 13 year old boy must be forbidden to see, you may be a bit overdue with the birds and the bees talk with your kid! Oh that's right ... let me guess ... your son is the wholesome young man that always says his prayers every night before bed, never gets into trouble, and is captain of the chess club (the old, "my son would never do that" mother). In today's world of over the top sexually explicit television (yes, even the networks), radio, and even video games ... why does something as natural as a breast feeding baby on the cover of *gasp* baby magazine send everyone into a panic? Last time I checked, I don't recall anyone up in arm over a Victoria's Secret catalog.


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