Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Birds Of A Feather ...

After a break in at the CapitalOne Bank in Texarkana, Texas, the financial institution took the offensive in preventing another such incident from occurring. The culprit ... a pigeon. Somehow this criminal mastermind not only figured out how to infiltrate the bank's perimeter defenses (such as windows, walls and roofing) and penetrate the state of the art security system, but also had the audacity to defecate on a patron (an obvious display of superiority). So the bank decided it was time to send a message to those thousands of other pigeons out there, and called in the exterminator who strategically placed poisoned corn on the roof in an attempt to cause illness and ( ... I guess) fear of this particular building among the pigeon community. Unfortunately, the fact that wild animals will flock to a prevalent food source and feed until they are full was overlooked ... and now the city is plagued by dying birds dive bombing the public below. I guess buying a fake owl would have just been too easy of a solution.


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