Friday, September 29, 2006

If Teachers "Touch The Future", Return The Favor And Thank Them In Advance For The Upcoming National Identity Crisis

Remember when you were in elementary school and on your birthday your mother would send along (or even come by in person to deliver) cupcakes or a birthday cake? The entire class would get to break from the normal day, and take part in a short lived sugar eating contest to celebrate the day you were brought into this world. Well, today I heard something troubling ... in the public school system's quest to jam equality rather than homemade delicacies down the throats of all pupils, moms are forced to make only healthy (not such a bad idea there) birthday snacks and also required to list all ingredients included in the food preparation. "Why?" you ask ... because if one, and only one, of the students is allergic to any of the materials used in the construction of mom's care package, none of the children get to eat any of it at all. Yes ... it's just a lousy cake, pudding cup, or even carrot strips. But what really bakes my noodle here is this; We are teaching children at an early age that if something doesn't fit their bill, the entire group involved must go without for the benefit of one. What ever happened to taking one for the team? How ironic, the old saying of "There is no I in team!" still holds true ... only now, the selfish version seems to be widely accepted in society. Things go wrong in life, not everything always works out happy in the end, and you really can't win them all all the time! I'd much rather have kids that were able to adapt and overcome, rather than have kids that don't give a second thought about hopping right in to the PC line ... just like they're supposed to.


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