Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jackass: The Title Says It All

The opening of the new Jackass movie this weekend brought in an estimated $28.1 million dollars during its debut weekend. Van Toffler, president of MTV’s music and film group, quoted Johnny Knoxville as saying "Holy s%$t, we’ve done it again. What is wrong with the country?" The apparent success of these films featuring a wide variety of stunts, dares, and just plain mayhem really offers an interesting glimpse into the American psyche. Don't get me wrong, I as do millions of other Americans find stupid people doing stupid things extremely entertaining, and look forward to seeing the movie ... that's why I just can't get enough of COPS, Worlds Wildest Police Chases, and You Gotta See This. But just imagine what sort of impression we make on the rest of this world after they view something like this. No wonder why Americans are not so well received across the globe.


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