Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blind Faith

In this mornings paper, I read that President Bush had been quoted as saying "We're winning" when he was asked how he felt about the progression of the war in Iraq. Whether this was either a snippet of text or the entire response, I'm really not sure. But either way his blatant disregard for the truth has, at this point, become nothing more than entertainment for myself and the majority of the American public who, at this point, would rather just pay the higher prices for gas than watch our boys get sent home in body bags. Enough is enough, they were fighting each other before we were there, and they'll be fighting each other far after we have left. I know I beat up on the political figures sometimes here, but honestly ... these people (yes, including presidential advisers) aren't dumb. So if average Joe's like us can see that we got ourselves into a military conflict that we just can't get out of, obviously the heavies in Washington know it too. So ... why the blind faith in our conquest to tame Iraq (and their oil supply)? On a side note, I'd rather have a Commander in Chief that threw a dart at dart board to resolve issues rather than continually lie to us. I have it narrowed down to two possibilities. 1. War is good for the economy (just imagine how bad it might be if we weren't at war) or 2. George W. Bush is finishing the work his father started to make Daddy proud. This one really seems more plausible once you think about it ... did Saddam try bump W's old man off and this is retaliation? Look at all the potential WMD's out there in the world ... and we go after Iraq?


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