Thursday, October 05, 2006

Reading, Writing, And AR-15s

In the wake of three school shooting incidents in the last two weeks, Rep. Frank Lasee (Wisconsin) plans to introduce legislation that will permit teachers, principals, administrators, and other school personnel to carry concealed weapons. Lasee stressed that the measure would hinge on school staff members getting strict training on the use of the weapons, and also some work would be needed on the law that currently bans guns on school property. Now ... I consider myself quite a second amendment supporter and enthusiast, but this really has to be nothing more than a reactionary response to the recent turn of events which is really nothing more than a handful of sick individuals. Think about it ... how many schools are in this country? And, how many of them have absolutely nothing happen everyday. The only reason people pick schools to open fire in is because of the fact it brings instant and guaranteed national notoriety ... nothing else. Rather than start our own little school club militia, why don't we keep the school faculty focused on what their intended purpose really is ... teaching children. Just look at the product of their work now, many high school graduates read at elementary school level and can't even perform basic mathematics ... and now they are considering arming teachers?


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