Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sure ... Right ... This Will Fix The Problem With Homeland Security

Only 18 months to go ... that's how long until the federal government implements the Real ID Act that individual states will be almost forced to adopt if they wish to keep receiving Uncle Sam's allowance. The act will require (in addition to the holder’s name, gender, date of birth and residential address) a digital photograph with "physical security features" to prevent fraud, and the ability to be accessed by "machine-readable technology". Machines for such readable technology will be similar across the country allowing any authority anywhere to immediately either confirm or refute the identity of the person presenting the ID. Privacy advocate groups feel this is nothing more than one giant step toward an Orwellian surveillance society in which the federal government can track our every move. Groups on the other side of the fence cite that such a program would enhance our homeland security and save millions in fraudulent identity scams. As I've said before, the terrorists have already won. We as a country are crumbling in on ourselves by making laws and rules that strip our nation's people of their rights in the name of "security". For crying out loud ... we can't even keep illegal immigrants out of this country, now this new nugget of identificational technology is going to magically solve our problems as to who is legitimately here in this country and who isn't? I'm reminded of a bumper sticker that was obviously a fire back at the popular "Imagine world peace" sticker that stated: "Forget world peace ... imagine using your turning signal!" A perfect world is a great goal, but let's start at the beginning rather than the end.


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