Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pull Up! ... Pull Up! ... We're Going To Crash!!!

Sometimes, you need the subtle reminder of how dependent you have become on technology to realize how much you really don't need it at all. Two weeks ago (without any warning whatsoever) my hard drive died. Smoked, kicked the bucket, &%$# the bed. Emails, work files, personal files, electronic banking receipts, family pictures ... all gone. So I did what any other guy would do ... found something else to do, another hobby. But don't think I'm not like all the other guys out there ... I poked my nose into endless microchips, ribbon wires, and flashing little light thingies thinking I could fix this overpriced jukebox. The result? Good thing for friends who work in IT departments that know how to not only fix computers normal issues, but man made ones as well ... yes, I learned that wiring harnesses (no matter how easily they may appear to go on) are designed to only fit on their receiver a certain direction, period! Needless to say, the last two weeks of digital downtime left me to find a family fun hobby that we all enjoy together. Which will ultimately leave me less time to complain here but afford me more time with my family, I'm sure I'll find a happy balance between the two. And for those who may be wondering ... yes, as I sit here typing I am still feeding disks into this machine (two weeks later) trying to regain some sort of normal PC operation and functionality.


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