Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round

HOLY COW ... has it really been a month since my last post??? I guess that explains the emails inquiring about my health. Well sorry everyone, I wish I had a tall tale to enlighten you all with, but truth be known ... I've just been that busy. I'm sure it's not quite the consolation prize, but I did add a Skype link down in the contact me area ... so feel free all to skype on by or leave a voice mail. Well here we are, one day after my 11 month year old son's first Christmas, and I just can't help but notice how Fisher-Price is on the PC bandwagon. Yes, something as innocent as a child's toy can't be exempt from the politically correct society that many are trying to breed in to us. My mother-in-law gave my son a seemingly harmless LittlePeople school bus toy. Every kid I can ever remember has had something similar where the roof is cut away, and characters can be moved from seat to seat. But the new modern version features a wheelchair that fits into the back of the bus, and is accessible through the back door that rolls down like a ramp. I do believe in educating my kids to respect diversity, but statistically speaking ... I really don't remember growing up with an exorbitant amount of handicapped kids. Besides, I thought forcing people to ride in the back was discrimination ... didn't we as Americans already go down this road? And honestly, from a safety standpoint, does it really make sense to put the kid who requires a forty pound chair on wheels to get around in the back of the bus? The last time I checked, most school bus related injuries were due to a rapid application of the brakes. Oooo ... hard lesson there for the kids to learn about inertia. At what point will we as a society finally say enough with the brainwashing?


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