Monday, April 23, 2007

Read This Seven Times (Once Standing On Your Head) Or Else!!!

Everybody, periodically throughout their lives, has a rash of bad luck that seems to multiply day by day. No matter how many times we remind ourselves that eventually ... things will get better, they just get worse. Well, I got to the point today that I really wondered why it was not only my turn in the barrel, but to what distinction I owe this wonderful turn of events. The answer came today in my email inbox. I'm the guy who hates chain mail with a passion. Whenever people feel the need to forward me copies of copies of copies of endless "send this to seven people within the next ten minutes ... or die" emails, I not only promptly throw them away, but laugh at how pathetic the sender is to fall for this scam over and over again. Well ... maybe there really is something to it ... maybe I am about to die. Hmmm.


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