Friday, August 31, 2007

Is PETA Getting Soft In Their Old Age?

Last week, the local chapter of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) was protesting the area KFC because of suspected animal cruelty violations. As I was passing by, I couldn't help but read the signs ... mainly because such an organized, peaceable demonstration by PETA completely caught me off guard. Typically their tactics involve; breaking and entering, arson, criminal mischief, defiant trespassing and so on. Anyway, this public awareness picketing was to inform would be customers and average citizens alike of the terrible experiences that chickens would have to endure before being slaughtered. The fact that these chickens were born and raised in captivity for the sole purpose human consumption and would never survive in the wild, even if they had the chance, was not emblazoned on any of their signs. I applaud their determination and (for once) peaceable assemblance, but why not spend this time down the street helping a bum get back on his financial feet or help orphan children learn how to read. Chickens typically don't possess enough mental capacity to do anything other than be chickens. Fellow humans however, could greatly benefit from the smallest of consolation and personal attention.


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