Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reality TV Shopping Spree

In one form or another, we all in some degree have a fascination with reality tv. We all just can't get enough of watching both the triumphs and failures of people, and in many respects can relate to the members, players and contestants because they are regular people ... just like us. So whether you're a the self proclaimed guru of the reality tv circuit, or one of those closet watchers that quickly changes the channel when people come in the room, the fact remains that our basic human curiosity of other average humans on television dealing with adversity and adventure isn't going to be canceled anytime soon. For those who just can't get enough of their daily dose of reality tv, I found a site that offers a not only offers a wide variety of comments and recaps on many of the popular shows, but also has a newsletter to keep you up to speed ... and just signing up puts you in the running for a Fifty Dollar gift certificate!


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