Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Last Uno Chicago Grill Visit

I typically try to plan my weekend dining out around the fact that other people, for the most part, eat around prescribed time frames. So to beat the rush and avoid long waiting times (not to mention I do have a young child that can still be unpredictable), we usually will stop at a restaurant around 2:00 - 4:00. Well today I hit a milestone, something I never even thought imaginable for the food service industry. At our local Uno Chicago Grill, there was a 25 minute wait time to be seated at 1:30. When my wife inquired as to why there was a wait, noting that the parking was reasonably empty and there were plenty of tables obviously available to the hostess, the young employee answered back with a sarcastic face "we're short servers." Apparently, not enough waiters/waitresses came in to work at the Uno Chicago Grill today ... but the look we received for having the audacity to even inquire as to why we were going to have to wait could have killed. How dare us!!! I guess we must have been the only ones to even wonder, because other customers seemed perfectly content to wait while open, clean, and set tables stared them in the face. My guess is that management and owner salaries at the Uno Chicago Grill must be high enough to not be concerned that customers are leaving before they even get a seat. So, I'm lead to believe that the profit margin earned on the dolts willing to wait it out far surpasses basic staffing and operating expenses ... that's why the supervisors at this local Uno Chicago Grill made no attempt to at least patch the problem. Do yourself a favor, and dine elsewhere.


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