Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lefties In Their Right Mind??? I Don't Think So

Okay ... I've got to know ... why do people insist on driving in the passing lane of a four lane road (two going each direction) when there is no other traffic anywhere around them? And worse yet, their barely (if at all) even going the speed limit!!! Funny driving quirks like people that can't ever seem to remember what side their gas cap is on (even after they swing the car around to the other side of the gas pump only to find that now the only thing that changed is which way the car is facing), or old people that can't for the life of them understand the purpose and proper use of the fifth turning lane are always amusing and never get old. But this passing lane cruising, or "lefties" as I call them, is just an incredible annoyance. Forget cell phone use while driving legislation, let's start with getting motorists to keep their cars in the correct lane!


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