Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Underdog To Wonderdog In 7.6

I'm not going to get on my soapbox about Americans over usage of prescription pills for just about any illness one can possibly have ... or fabricate for that matter, I've already hammered the point home on several occasions that Americans are pill popping junkies that think (and in some cases expect) that a doctor's prescription is the immediate cure for anything and everything. That's bad enough. But now, many have taken this lifestyle of "instant cures" and enforced that logic on their children ... even worse. Apparently having a couple dozen script bottles laying around the house wasn't enough, so now pet medications seems to be the new fad. Don't get me wrong here, medications have their place. But if Fido takes a pill that causes fleas to abandon ship, what other microscopic chemical and biological changes are taking place ... I mean fleas have been around for millions of years. Whether your dog is a pharmaceutical addict like yourself or wears fancy knit apparel, the fact remains that a dog is a dog ... they still roll in poo, eat garbage and prefer the rear end identification over a handshake. I'm pretty sure Rex will be alright without the restless paw syndrome medicine.


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