Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Next Up: A Prohibition Beer Party

This past weekend saw the worldwide event of Live Earth. Although the 24 hour music marathon concert spanned seven continents, the ratings (worldwide mind you) were quite dismal at best ... so let's at least hope the seats sold out. Regardless, the real purpose of the event was raise public awareness of the growing global warming issues, and force world leaders to notice that support and legislate accordingly. Although a worthy cause, I guess that Al Gore just had to find something to propel himself back into the political spotlight since being defeated in the 2000 presidential election ... really, where's he been for the last seven years? Personally, I think his was nothing more than a last ditch muscle flexing exhibition before the 2008 presidential nominations, a "Remember me fellow Democrats? I almost won! Let's give it another whirl." My only question is this; How much greenhouse gases were created with the preparation and subsequent showing of seven events from diesel trucks to move the equipment, pyrotechnics, electrical generators, motorists going to and from the show (not to mention traffic created by the events), air travel for the performers/concert goers, buses, trains, taxis .... the list could go on. Really ... something a little more earth friendly would have made a better point.


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