Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thought Control ... Are We Really So Far Off?

Jerry Lewis was in the spotlight this week after a slanderous remark about gays, Mr. Lewis soon after offered a prepared and formal apology. The whole incident got me thinking, I guess that's the price you pay for fame (although I'm not condoning foul language in public) ... not being able to publicly express your discontent with others people's lifestyle choices. This is of course unless you are; gay, black, an illegal alien, or some other sort of the American public "minority". Then you can publicly bash anyone, anytime, about any of the choices they as the "majority" have made regardless of setting or audience without consequence. So what ... Isaiah Washington is entitled to his opinion, but it got him fired. If he had been gay, and said off color remarks about heterosexuals ... he'd probably still be employed! Why must we all walk on eggshells every time our mouth opens ... really ... what's wrong with having an opinion and voicing it? If the majority remains silent (although unified in thought), the minority is now the majority.


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