Friday, November 18, 2005

Is Business That Bad?

Today, I had the pleasure of visiting an orthopedic surgeon's office with a family member that needed a check up visit from a recent surgery. Needless to say, my presence was a multi-tasking effort that consisted of assisting my relative in the negotiation and subsequent navigation around daily hazards, and also serve in the capacity of a moral support cheerleader. Upon arriving at the office, I happened to notice the lack of patient parking spaces in front of the building. But, of course those suffering orthopedic injuries (more than likely) are not in the best shape to drive. That one ... I'll give to the doc. But when your place of business in shaped like a strip mall, and the concrete sidewalk is three inches higher than everything else (with no ramp) ... I'll give that one to stupidity. But my personal favorite had to be the crater riddled parking area along side the building that either patients or families members thereof were forced to cross with crutches, walkers and canes. I'll bet I could fit a Yugo or LeCar in some of those chasms. Apparently, someone else had the same opinion as I did and complained, because I found the remnants of what was an attempt to fix a particular abyss with gravel and cold patch. When I happened to mention these safety concerns to the doctor, he said "Pretty bad isn't it?" Oh yeah doc, in all senses of the words.


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