Sunday, October 16, 2005

Customer Service? What's That?

Has customer service gown down the drain? When is the last time you, as a customer, felt as though you were treated like the vendor actually wanted repeat business from you? Earlier today, I stopped by my local quick mart to pick up a few items. Of the two employees that were working there, one was slicing lunch meat for a patron that wanted a sandwich while the other tended to the lottery machine. So, I patiently waited at the counter for service. Obviously these people were here before me, and therefore were attended to by the workers accordingly. While standing there trying to recollect if I forget anything, I couldn't help but notice more customers enter the store and get in line for the lottery machine. (They must have come with the premise of only purchasing tickets.) Now, the associate saw me waiting my turn, but chose to keep on concentrating her efforts on the lotto customers. When I finally got service from the staff, I could not help but ask how revenue is generated by the sales of tickets. She replied "None ... unless we sell a winner." I guess it's a gamble for both sides. My vote would be in favor customer purchasing items to pay the store operating expenses, at least the owner is guaranteed that they are making money on them.


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