Friday, December 30, 2005

Occupational Hazard?

Today, my wife had a doctors appointment that required an x-ray. The visit started off as any other; the check in, the wait in the reception area ... the wait in the reception area ... the wait in the reception area, and finally we went back to meet the x-ray technician before moving on to the doctor. I guess it's a standard question to ask every woman if there's a chance they may be pregnant before proceeding with x-rays. Well, one look at my wife and there is no doubt she has a bun in the oven for the last nine months. In other words, some women carry throughout their pregnancy in an discreet fashion ... my wife isn't one of those ... at all. I think a three year old would be able to put together she's pregnant, let alone a medical professional. Anyway, after hearing that question, I popped my head in the door of the x-ray room and said "I'll bet that makes you feel good Babe ... master of the obvious." Maybe the tech was just suffering the effects cumulative radiation exposure, or maybe she was just that dumb. Either way, it's scary to imagine that this individual distributes radiation to patients on a daily basis.


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