Saturday, May 27, 2006

Backwards Minded Exercise

To many runners and physical fitness gurus, it's no secret that running backwards is a great form of exercise that utilizes multiple muscle groups as well as strengthens the heart and lungs. Retro-running, as it's known to some, has also become a part of physical therapy as a way to incorporate other means of exercise to patients that have been injured, offering less impact and stress to affected injured areas. In a controlled environment, the benefits are obvious. But for those who opt to intentionally do this purely for sport out in public terrain, one can only imagine the hazards associated with such a pastime. Something as simple as a difference in sidewalk heights, or a trash can making a break for freedom in a gust of wind could be disastrous. It's one thing to trip as fall walking or running forward ... you're body is set up to go that direction. I would only think that any minor slip up going backwards would result in substantial injury. To put this into perspective ... my car is incredibly more maneuverable when I drive in reverse, but you don't see me tooling around town with my backup lights on. It's just not safe for myself or anyone else I come within proximity of.


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