Thursday, May 25, 2006

Personal Injury And Ailment Fruit Salad

Colin Smith, a 31 year old New Zealand man, appeared in court today to fight charges of "driving in a manner likely to be dangerous to the public". Mr. Smith was born without arms and when pulled over by police, he was found operating the vehicle by reclining the seat back and using one foot to manipulate the pedals, and the other foot placed upon the steering wheel to negotiate turns. Colin also went on to say to the court that he has never had a drivers license, but has been driving for years and never had an accident ... oddly enough he wasn't charged with operating a vehicle without a license (hmmm ... discrimination?) Whether he wins the case or not, I admire his tenacity. In a world where physical shortcomings and chronic medical conditions are worn like a badge of courage to attract pity, Colin has taken the bad hand he was dealt and made the most of it ... which is more than I can say for many others. Here's an idea, why don't we start issuing ribbons to be placed on shirts/coats so everyone can proudly display their previously sustained injuries and conditions.


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