Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Nickel For Your Thoughts?

With the rising price copper, the costs of minting a U.S. penny has surpassed the actual valve of the coin and there has been talk of phasing the one cent piece out of circulation. Like many Americans, I too have contributed to, and been the recipient of, the share a penny bowl at the local mini market. With the ever rising cost of things, is it time to just do away with the copper honest Abe altogether? In conjunction with rounding off prices, the abolishment of the penny would make millions of lives easier by lightening the load for the mathematically deficient people that always seem to land jobs as cashiers ... even with cash registers that automatically figure change, they still can't seem to grasp the concept of simple addition and subtraction. Personally, I don't think the penny is going anywhere, Americans just don't like change (pardon the pun). We can't even get the dollar coin program off the ground in this country, imagine the hysteria and panic if pennies were no more.


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