Friday, July 07, 2006

The Name Game

Bank robbers today will never reach the historic levels of Bonnie and Clyde, Ma Barker, or D.B. Cooper. Charmaine Williams Stein decided to rob a local bank for a quick buck, and she even had an accomplice in on it who worked as a teller at the bank. The inside man was John Mueller, and he aided Charmaine with the heist by waiting until she had left the building before hitting the silent alarm that would alert police that there was a robbery in progress. Sounds like the perfect plan so far ... right? Well, because Charmaine had an ace in the hole with the teller, she neglected to realize that the cops would still come to the bank to gather witness statements and evidence to solve the crime. The note she handed the teller demanded that all the cash in the drawer be handed to her ... the only problem was the note was printed on a piece of bulk junk mail she had delivered to her home only a few days earlier. Just like junk mail always finds its way to your new address in no time at all, the police had no trouble finding her either. For crying out loud, why not just wear a name tag so all the patrons can call you by your first name while your at it.


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