Wednesday, November 22, 2006

High = Dry

Local note: After six days of a majority of the area being completely without water (due to a severed 24" supply main during last weeks storm), the problem has finally been rectified. Here's the interesting part; This large water main that feeds the entire area in which I live is fed from a distribution center about 6 miles south of here. The only feasible way to run the pipe when it was installed was under a creek that passes between two large mountains ... that so far makes somewhat sense. Here's where it gets a little weird. Upstream of where the break happened to be, is a sewer treatment plant that in time of extreme rainfall dump their overflow ... you guessed it, down the creek. Now during normal circumstances, I would think that the positive pressure in the pipe would keep out any contaminants coming downstream in the event that the pipe was already leaking. So ... if the line was broke and consequently shut off ... where does the excess treatment plant "runoff" go now? Obviously, nobody has thought enough about it to raise a "stink" yet ... this is just my own observation. Yet another mechanical marvel from the lowest bidder.


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