Thursday, November 09, 2006

Power To The People

Whoo hoo!!! The November elections are finally over! I can resume my normal life again by engrossing myself in a good television show without being bombarded by an endless barrage of political mudslinging, and not be afraid of answering the door only to be greeted by some well dressed campaign promoter that "cares about my needs" ... and oh yeah, my car will no longer be littered with propaganda after a short 10 minute park at the grocery store. Now that my civic duty of voting has been exercised, all these suave professional double talkers will not even give me second thought until the next election. Although I must admit for the short couple weeks it lasts, it is empowering to know that for that short time we all had (past tense) the upper hand. On a personal note, after seeing the results I actually felt bad for the republican party. After dragging on a war that nobody but Bush wants to fight anymore, the entire party as a whole got their a**** handed to them ... particularly locally. Unfortunately, the team got booted but the coach is still there. Let's at least hope the new team captain has a little for fortitude than the last and isn't afraid to call his own plays.


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