Thursday, November 02, 2006

Only Five More Days Until It's Over

Senator John Kerry's remark about being "stuck in Iraq" may actually go down in the history books as one the most insulting political public addresses ever made by a politician. Although he claims that the statement was a botched joke, the fact remains it was said and no amount of apologies will ever make it go away. Face it Mr. Kerry ... that's way it pays to stick to what the speech writers write for you, ad-libbing will only get you in trouble. What's more troubling is the real reason as to why it was said. With elections right around the corner, just about all the politicians are piling extra mud on their shovels to tilt the scales in their (or their party's) favor. John Kerry was doing nothing more than trying to rally an already war tired public against the Bush administration's war on terror machine, and strike a blow to the republican party. Boy, did he screw that one up! And the republicans really didn't do themselves any favors by returning an almost instantaneous firestorm of criticism back at Kerry ... it reminded me of two elementary school kids bickering over who broke the pencil sharpener. Napoleon Bonaparte said it best with "Never interrupt an enemy while they are making a mistake". The American public would have eaten Kerry alive for such a stupid comment, the GOP could have said so much more by saying nothing at all.


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