Sunday, November 12, 2006

How Do These CEO's Sleep At Night?

I read an article that stated that the number of third world nation AIDS patients has swelled at such an increasing rate, that the lack of basic food supplies is becoming the number one killer because HIV related medicines are donated at an astounding rate from drug manufacturers. Funny ... I know people that live and work in this country (and because they have to pay for their own medications and don't have the luxury of pharmaceutical donations to less fortunate countries) can't afford either. It's not like people that acquire the AIDS virus suffer from the unfortunate chance of circumstance like contracting the flu or common cold, I have yet to meet or hear of anyone who came down with AIDS from being in the same elevator, car, room, bathroom, bunghole, or straw hut with someone who is already infected. It's also somewhat disconcerting to read that people living cardboard boxes in the backstreets of third world countries have easier and more plentiful access to life saving drugs than people that reside in first world countries (which coincidentally is the same country the drug manufacturing companies claim residency in) that have jobs and are productive human beings doing their part to be a small, yet very much important cog in the social ecosystem. Maybe it's time I move.


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