Sunday, November 19, 2006

Who Are The Ads REALLY Targeting?

While at the mall today, my ears were bombarded with Christmas music ... and we didn't even get through Thanksgiving yet. I guess that retailers, although they will never admit it, are trying to get consumers into the holiday spirit to ease their own economic crunch. But what really troubles me (particularly as a new parent) is the marketing approach many toy and electronic companies are taking in brainwashing parents into thinking their products will make kids smarter by incorporating learning tools with video games. The latest one is the ad that keeps popping up on just about every commercial break. I'm not doubting that stimulating a child's brain isn't a wonderful tool in raising a productive, smart and well rounded adult ... but I've got a better idea. Instead of curing your kid's craving for more toys than they'll ever need ... try actually spending time as a family with them. In the long, the lessons learned from parents and guardians will carry the next generation further than any electronic contraption ever will.


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