Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Life Lesson Learned At The Bus Stop

I am convinced that kids today have either no legs, or suffer from a debilitating physical/mental complication that renders them incapable of walking for than 100 feet at a time. All over the country, school bus services (public or private) bend over backwards to accommodate any parent that desires curb service pick up and delivery of their children. There are many life lessons learned at the local bus stop I think many parents fail to recognize. Children walking to the bus stop learn the importance of leaving on time (scheduling), how to deal with adversity (weather conditions and miscellaneous problems), how to overcome or negotiate social issues (other kids, other adults, "pecking order") just to name a few. If young people never get a chance to learn simple morals, such as these, because we keep them sheltered from anything negative, how will they ever learn to become self confident and self-reliant enough to handle situations when they become adults?


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