Thursday, October 13, 2005

It's A Good Thing Dogs Can't Laugh

Yesterday, I happened to come across a commercial that was advertising bottled water for dogs. I can't say that I choose the most health conscious meals and lifestyle, but I don't begrudge anyone from persuing their own beliefs and practices for personal well-being. BUT DOGS?!?! These are the same animals that use rear end sniffing for identification purposes, eat rotten trash as a delicacy, and enjoy rolling in "presents" left by others with added bonus they can proudly wear their find like a badge of honor. I can't imagine this refreshing container of pure water would appeal to pooches any more than muddy pools one may find after a rainfall. So, it must be intended for the "parents". You know, the same ones who put the cute sweaters and raincoats on their "sons and daughters". Need I say more?


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