Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I Went To Iraq, And All I Got Was This Lousy Skull Replacement

Blog ... what blog ... oh yeah, I have a blog. Yes, I've been that busy ... no, I haven't been bumped off DHS agents or indicted for white collar crimes ... thanks for the emails concerning my whereabouts and personal safety. But really, the flowers accompanied with a condolences card send to my family was a bit too much.

Last night I happened to catch the Bob Woodruff special "To Iraq And Back". The show left me with a new found respect for the traumatic injuries suffered by the soldiers in the field ... it also left me with a total lack of respect for a Pulitzer prize hungry reporter that left his wife and four kids to go play in the sandbox and get shot at for no other reason than to prove he had a set. War is Hell ... reporters don't belong on the front lines of the battlefield ... period. But, the show did go on and bring to light the inadequacies of care our returning veterans are receiving, and from there took on more of a liberal whining theme citing the amount of casualties that actually have occurred in the Iraq/Afghanistan area. I'm not doubting that Uncle Sam is more than likely withholding the true facts and figures ... BUT THIS IS A WAR PEOPLE!!! What did you expect? The military is in the business of killing people ... that's what they do. The enemy is just as good as we are, and we're in their turf.