Saturday, December 30, 2006

Roadside Assistance Or Laziness

In today's world of required certifications and training to perform just about any task, is it really too much to ask of licensed drivers to be capable of changing their own tires when they get a flat? I'm sure there will always be some bleeding heart out there that would claim that such a mandatory physical requirement and mechanical knowledge would render the drivers licensing program a complete and blatant discrimination, because it would bar the elderly, physically handicapped and learning disabled from obtaining a drivers license. Well ... if they're that mentally and physically deficient ... maybe they should be operating a motor vehicle at highway speeds (or any speed for that matter) to begin with! What about the safety of the rest of us on the road who unknowingly drive amongst these sub-par drivers everyday? How humiliating to have to call a tow truck to come and change your tire ... even if I live to be ninety years old, it would be a cold day in !@#$ I have someone else come change my tire.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round

HOLY COW ... has it really been a month since my last post??? I guess that explains the emails inquiring about my health. Well sorry everyone, I wish I had a tall tale to enlighten you all with, but truth be known ... I've just been that busy. I'm sure it's not quite the consolation prize, but I did add a Skype link down in the contact me area ... so feel free all to skype on by or leave a voice mail. Well here we are, one day after my 11 month year old son's first Christmas, and I just can't help but notice how Fisher-Price is on the PC bandwagon. Yes, something as innocent as a child's toy can't be exempt from the politically correct society that many are trying to breed in to us. My mother-in-law gave my son a seemingly harmless LittlePeople school bus toy. Every kid I can ever remember has had something similar where the roof is cut away, and characters can be moved from seat to seat. But the new modern version features a wheelchair that fits into the back of the bus, and is accessible through the back door that rolls down like a ramp. I do believe in educating my kids to respect diversity, but statistically speaking ... I really don't remember growing up with an exorbitant amount of handicapped kids. Besides, I thought forcing people to ride in the back was discrimination ... didn't we as Americans already go down this road? And honestly, from a safety standpoint, does it really make sense to put the kid who requires a forty pound chair on wheels to get around in the back of the bus? The last time I checked, most school bus related injuries were due to a rapid application of the brakes. Oooo ... hard lesson there for the kids to learn about inertia. At what point will we as a society finally say enough with the brainwashing?