Monday, April 23, 2007

Read This Seven Times (Once Standing On Your Head) Or Else!!!

Everybody, periodically throughout their lives, has a rash of bad luck that seems to multiply day by day. No matter how many times we remind ourselves that eventually ... things will get better, they just get worse. Well, I got to the point today that I really wondered why it was not only my turn in the barrel, but to what distinction I owe this wonderful turn of events. The answer came today in my email inbox. I'm the guy who hates chain mail with a passion. Whenever people feel the need to forward me copies of copies of copies of endless "send this to seven people within the next ten minutes ... or die" emails, I not only promptly throw them away, but laugh at how pathetic the sender is to fall for this scam over and over again. Well ... maybe there really is something to it ... maybe I am about to die. Hmmm.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Help Your Local Police ... Start Shooting Back

Ok, I get it ... some yutz went bananas at Virginia Tech, let's move on! For crying out loud, solders die in Iraq every day and don't get this amount of media attention ... or a half mast flag for that matter. With the media circus still in full swing almost a week later, I get the feeling that the liberals out there are just gathering up information about this shooting so they can bring their dull gun control ax back to the grinding stone. Sure ... that makes perfect sense ... some loony goes off the deep end with a firearm, so now we will try to pass laws that affect responsible gun owners ... Give me a break people! Drugs are illegal in all fifty states, has that stopped the market for junkies? No. Suppose for a minute that other students in the dorms were allowed to keep firearms on the premises ... would the shooter have gotten as far as he did? Maybe, maybe not. Personally, I blame society. What a weak country of whiners we have become. I cannot believe for one second that out of all the people this yahoo encountered that day, not one of them tried to stop him! Throw a chair, grab anything not bolted down, whatever ... it is physically impossible to shoot everyone if they all come at you at once. I genuinely feel bad for the families that lost loved ones that day, but let's move on. I find it difficult to believe that absolutely nothing else newsworthy happened in that last week anywhere in the world other than this.

Friday, April 13, 2007

No Habla Espanol

The other night, I was watching American Idol (not by choice mind you) and the guest celebrity was Jennifer Lopez. The contestants used every opportunity to praise her for the mentoring she offered, and the many words of encouragement she passed along to them. I couldn't help but notice on several occasions Lopez reiterated the importance of "singing from the heart", to not necessarily concentrate all your efforts on being perfect but rather give a performance your audience can relate to, and that mindset will bring you success. Great theory ... until Jennifer Lopez gave a performance the next evening's Idol. The entire song was in Spanish ... I think. I'm really not to sure because I COULDN'T "RELATE" TO IT ... I DON'T SPEAK SPANISH!!!